Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tolerance - The ingredient missing in the melting pot of Indian Society.

Indian history is itself magnificient and one feature that marks its presence in this grand history is the concept of Tolerance and Endurance. This concept has been associated with India from the vedic age, continued in different forms in different religions and also has been a flag bearer in attempts of Mahatma in achieving Independence of India. But, Do you think the present Indian society has such tolerance and endurance? If mahatma comes back and see how people gets annoyed at slightest inconvenience, at the faintest criticism , he would be apalled seeing how an enduring society as India was could turn in to a country where people are restless, systems are intolerant and the leaders could not face constructive criticism. He would also want us to think about what could be done from a personal point of view and as a group together, Dont you think he does??.

Firstly, Are you convinced that people have become intolerant?? If not, Look around you. You would see people getting annoyed if their pizza is late by 5-minutes or if a child seeking alms ask their generosity when they are busy talking over their phone or if their well-wishers point out that they are following a wrong path or if the people staying in the flat above you have kept their music loud. I do not say that these things are non-irritable but the threshold of tolerating such acts have come significantly down as India developed through its hard times. But, anyone could support this behavior by saying that an average human being has become more and more busy and occupied with work or otherwise and any disturbance to his own could trigger the rage point in one, but as a society develops, so should the maturity of the people living in that society. That would help the particular group to achieve more and more by doing less and lesser. Enough about the problem, What could be a possible solution to this?

Seeking a solution for any problem should start from identifying that the problem do exist. We see the news everyday filled with protests against a person, a group, a state, a nation and even an entertainment attempt in the name of "cinema". Most of us react to these news by questioning ourselves or the people around us "When do people become so intolerant?". But, no one would go beyond that. There are many things that recently I came across which prompted me to write this piece such as -

a.Recent series of protests in Andhra pradesh against different movies based on some identities. There was an instance where a group of people - considered to be the most patient and peace-loving people - went about protesting against the actors/producer of a movie in which they claimed to have shown their community in a negative sense. Important thing here is that we do not want to judge this move by them, but what we should essentially think about is the transformation in our society and how one can help normalise this trend. The big picture !!

b.Growing number of instances where slightest criticism trigger people to indulge in voilence , including people who are supposed to maintain peace in the society.Recently, in Mumbai.

Any change should start form within. What can one do to prevent these?? The following should help.

a. Try to list out explicitly the cases in which you get irritated.
b. Think about why exactly this irritates you.
c. If a reason exists and it is an unreasonable one, Try to think over how unreasonable it is and you would slowly be able to avoid those unwanted scenarios.
d. If a reason exists and it is reasonable according to you, try to explain this to your friends and well wishers and ask them how they would respond. If they too feel the same way, Then propably your response is fine.
e. If there exists no reason. Then take a oath that you would never respond in that way if a similar situation happens again.

It is highly impossible that change would come in short term but once that occurs, it would help you keeping away from many life style disorders both mentally and physically. Once you are tolerant, your family would be and the domino effect would effect our country overall. Hope to see a tolerant India soon !! Jai Hind.

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