Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Twins that were entwined in the existence...

Yes, I am talking about those two persons who have started sharing a quasi-fitting arena happily hugging and comforting each other for about three-quarters of a year in which period they did nothing but to sleep. Finally, they had a little fight on who should be the "Big Brother" and they finally came in to an understanding that, If one wins now, then the one who have won should listen and sacrifice everything else rest of their journey and you would see how always "Rajesh" , the big brother is understanding relatively towards his younger mirror image with slight distortions. People who knows these two, would have already guessed them, Rajesh and Ramesh Vepakommas.

How did they get entwined in to the existence of a bunch of 6-7 people is what I would write today about. I first met them on the very day I met the exciting, beautiful, green IITM campus. As any newbie feels, we were all tensed and excited at the same time. I was with my father and my roommate was with his father and his isomer. I said an awkward "Hi" to start a small talk , I got a "questionable" glare and a bleak "hi??" which sounded more like a question rather than a greeting. Okay, I thought this "introduction" would have its "end" card pretty soon. But I was wrong (un) fortunately.. :) . I was a virtual wing mate in my 1st year at iit to this duo and a real wing mate in the subsequent years and those were the days that have pulled me closer to these guys and subsequently know the subtle personay traits in them.

Today, On the eve of their 26th Birthday , I toast, for being an encompassing support in distress and otherwise , for a critic they were and they will be thats essential in filling the latent drawbacks which were otherwise invisible, for being the agent of heartful of laughs that made the days at IITM feel lighter and pass on in brisk manner, to the stomach aching sarcasm, to the knowledge bank they were of intra institute and outer institute matters, to the boldness they displayed in questioning which others would have let pass without a second thought, the scientific temper they carried in judging any issue at their disposal and finally to the "Child" in them who is as plain as a clear blue sky.

Have a great birthday and glorious years to come Rajesh Vepakomma and Ramesh Vepakomma.

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