Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Re-Discover your dreams !!

While going through news section, One of the headings have caught my attention and have made me retrospect of all what I wanted to become. The heading read " 57 % of Indian children DO NOT achieve their childhood dreams ". That kept me thinking , Does the figure represent only those children who have tried and not achieved their dreams or is it that anyone who have just dreamt and forgot all about that? If it is the latter, it is an expected figure. Do you think you figure out in those 57 % people ? I hope not but unfortunately many do. What could be the reason for this ? Less opportunities?? Lack of sufficient encouragement by the parents?? Poor Indian economy ?? The mindset we develop as we mature ?? These questions kept lingering in my mind. But I remember some thing my 6th class teacher once said me , "If you want to solve a difficult problem , be ready to separate them in to many little ones (and hope that they are easier)". Applying his principle , I thought to look inside before catching on to the big picture.

I could remember the days when my mother making my brother and myself sit and study without fail everyday and complete the day's home work and learn(by-heart) the day's class work. It was followed by a half an hour session of Gemini news (24 hour news channels were absent then, so the news were really interesting). What attracted me in that whole news session was their break to show their money making advertisements, but those were not my interest but the question on general knowledge they ask everyday. I could not answer even a single question. My cousin had visited us for few days that time and to my surprise he could answer each and every question accurately and I was compelled to ask "How would you know all this ??" , he simply answered "I am a civil services aspirant and these are must-know for the exam " . That day I thought I should become a civil servant. To be frank, I do not know really what a civil servant does and how to go about becoming one, but I wanted to answer the gemini news questions.

As time grew, my thought of becoming an IAS officer started losing out to hectic SSC examination pressures and later on completely masked in my attempt to get in to the Indian Institutes of Technology. I could succeed in my attempt of becoming an IIT student but my thoughts never went back to becoming an IAS officer.Only person who reminds me of my wish to become an IAS officer was my grand father but after he passed away, the idea never surfaced . My studies at IIT have shifted me far from IAS towards a highly paid job , an MBA from an Ivy-league university , to support my parents as soon as possible.

But my marriage was something which have shifted me back in to the road of becoming a civil servant. My life partner have also had a similar dream but as I did , she never deviated from her path. She was planning her career in that path and her companionship has dusted off my dream to become a civil servant and today, I am in pursuit of my dream and I am glad that I am doing it.

It so happens that you have dreamt of becoming something and meanwhile, many factors have drifted you off your trial. It is also true that these dreams may go un-discovered all through your life, but someday, when you relax over your rocking chair and look back and so happens that you remember your dream. You would feel that place of your heart empty and incomplete. It would be tough to bring about a change , particularly in yourself,but try to bare an inconvenience today and you would not regret that tomorrow.

As Mr.Abdul Kalam said "Dreaming small is a crime", so "Dream big  and follow it big time "

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