Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some People come and go ..

"You think I am stubborn .. I felt the same way about you" she said on the phone with a streak of anger and disappointment in her voice... This is all because we could not make it to a _pre_arranged_gathering [Supposed to be a treat from her]..." I called you, but by that time you were not interested " I said in sort of a complaining fashion. "You called me way after the time we decided, and further you did not respond to my calls..." she complained.. "Okay, lets call it even then, next time .. we will surely meet " I tried to make a deal.... "Okay" she said, with a little hesitation.

But the "Next time" did not come , sadly.. I have been to that part of the woods after that 3 times and I did not have time to call her, neither she was interested in enquire when I was going to her place after that.. I am not complaining.. That's what the life is ... For some days, We think the other person is a good friend of you,on the next day .. You think twice before remembering them.. But the times we spend , though short ones will be very memorable.. If on someday, sometime .. If we cross each other, we think ... "Hey, she is the girl .. what's her name .. hmm... " and she is like " He does not even remember me ..."

Its not one's fault , some people are meant to come in to your life and go .. Some people hang on if they really see some potential, healthy friendship with you.. There are many reasons that those *some people* goes away from your life .. may be they are afraid that this is going too fast that could end up in trouble.. may be they think that the other person is not what really perceived them as before...may be she thinks " He is flirting with me .." ... may be they think that "Okay, so ..what if he is from so and so college, and works in so and so company.. I am no less than him...

I am sure the people come in to your life really mean something.. they come in for purpose .. let it be for a short time..But every one has their reason and you will learn unknowingly or knowingly from them.. For all those who came and went in my life including the above mentioned girl... Thanks everyone.. Hope to meet you soon.... You bring smile on me ....


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siri said...

nice babu nu nee jivitam lo venakki tirigi chusukuntey andaru ammai ley ... kani ikakda mem enta ani venakki tirigi chustey ... none anta maya !!!!!!!!!!!