Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Intermediate....

First off, let me tell you why this phase of my life is a very memorable one ... Till my 10th standard, I was kind of childish in my behavior, I did not know the real world ..well not a least bit of it... I had very good friends which I have posted in my previous post and had a well knit small world of my own.
But, when I was stepping out to college for my intermediate ,My father asked me " Are you sure you wanna go to Vijayawada and do this, I am sure our town have good intermediate colleges .. and they are totally into giving you fee exemption based on your tenth marks" .. I was kind of in a neutral mind set about it .. But my mother insisted that I go to Vijayawada for my education. I think that's one of the best decisions made by my mother. This landed me in one of the best cities and my most favorite city that I ever stayed .. Vijayawada ..

All was new and exciting except for the Hostel Food , as on when we were getting tuned in to the hostel frame work and how to deal with the fellow in-mates , We were given "Home sick Leave" , which ironically brought us to square one on the home sick thing... We came back after a refreshing, belly full 15 days with sagging faces and totally weak... More surprise was in store as we came back , we were being shifted to a main campus which is like _million_kms_ from the city and no building more than 8 feet tall in it's 1km radius.. It assumed a deserty look all through the week ... except on sundays when _parents_ come to visit their sons. We all used to dress up so neat and tidy only on that day hoping that a girl (one of our friends sisters or cousins) would turn up as if she will totally come and say " I love you" by just seeing our attire. It never happened :)

Few colorful sundays passed and selection of a hand ful of students , separation of that students from others and giving them a name of "IIT batch" happened in no time .. Most of us dont know what exactly is IIT or a childhood dream (most of the iit ians claim so) of getting in to IIT. Few classes went rather heavily on our brains.. few of them left saying .."What Shit .... I would not screw up my EAMCET coaching owing to this insane IIT coaching ..."

But few of us hanged on.. And today many of us guys feel that its a wrong decision .. but I think the hard work will pay off in some way or other ... Our campus was like in a lush green fields and when you see through the balcony window .. you will find a long stretch of road running perpendicular to the view... It was a night mare(rather, was it ??) for any girl in that area to cross that far stretched road when we were [almost about 700 teenage boys] in our break.. thats between 5.00 - 6.00 PM..

She would constantly listen the whistles from almost all the 8 floor balconies except the ground floor, where our campus officials stay.. kind of a terror zone one could say... If she turns her head sidewards and see our campus .. that's it .she had made mistake of her life .. the intensity of whistles grows and also accompanied by series of comments and questions like " Whats your name?" .. "Will you go out with me ?" .. "Hey , I have some thing to say ..." ........ She could not avoid it by anyway... she cannot switch in to any other road because it was a lone road.. there were some girls who were contrary to the popular behavior.. they used to wave back at us and its night mare for us to decide who was she exactly waving at .... Everybody has their own claims but I positively and whole heartedly think she waved at me :)

It was fun for the few days we lived there .. But more was yet to come and that's where my most beloved friends and my first crush happened ... Will save that for the next blog...

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