Sunday, April 11, 2010

The happening part of my life !!

It was early in the morning around 4.00 AM, there was a knock at my room door and I hesitated that one of my other room mates would wake up and let our warden in so that he can torture us to get up and get ready and go to study hours ... But to my disappointment, no one got up.. and I had to as the knocking sound was like a heavy thud on my head as my bed was next to the door. I went up cursing all the heavenly shit I know and opened the door .. .. "Oh My god .... Holy shit ...!!! " this was my first reaction as I opened the door... A soft and soothing voice said " Yes son.. I am your god , but i will totally ignore your second statement as I know you did not mean it ... " I was like " Sir... God .. father ... what should I call you ?" ... The voice said " I would answer that later, but I wanted to grant you a wish in the first place .. so, buckle up and wish one " .. I was like ... Is he serious .. then I asked him something that redrawn the curves in my life there after .. Don't judge me .. its my age or you could say my "GUY" campus with no girls made me ask this ... " Hmm.. I need a co education campus for god sake ..." He said " I will grant you that .. not for my sake but for your well being ....or.... not ".. I was like what... when I suddenly woke up from that bizarre dream when my warden woke me up saying " Dude .. you are totally screwed .. its already late and your iit maths professor is so strict on his timings .." .... I went that day running to my class with out even brushing.. who cares ..its all in all a guy campus...

Our maths professor said " Guys, I have an announcement to make ...." I was like " God , are you kidding me ??" ... He then said " You will be having a test on Algebra tomorrow , be prepared ".. I was laughing on my self .. "you idiot .. it was totally a dream.. now shut up and prepare for the exam dumbo.." , later that it day , it actually happened .... which restored my faith on early morning dreams coming true ... It was announced that we , the 44 students of IIT batch will be shifted to the campus where we will be given coaching along with girls ... We heard it as ... " You , the lucky people of 44 in number , will be shifted in to a dream land where you will be given a chance to talk to the females.. every day... " ... The other batches when they knew this were like .." You lucky bas**rds. " and we were like " oh my god .. oh my god ..oh my god .." but every one hid their excitement in the class .. but that totally came out while they are packing.. " they are like ... high with six joints .. and were sweating to go and wash their clothes ..which they never did before... and also IRON them.. you don't know what it means for us in that campus to IRON the clothes. . Its only when " your mother comes " or " the chief minister of the state comes and gives you a neat hand shake " .. not even the sunday colours that would fly in to our campus got this privilege ...

But I was not so pumped up.. I was cool ..except that I arranged my blue shirt and only black jeans ready like 12 hours before and see that no one touches them as they may loose their folds.. it was totally natural.. except that I climbed up and down the stair case like 10-12 times so as to look slimmer .. I was just being health conscious you know... It was totally normal... except that I had all my books covered with clean brown sheet and labelled with mickey's stickers ... I was just being neat .. I was totally normal you know..

And some how the next morning was so far away... We had a discussion where we ended up deciding that we were excited not because there would be some other gender in there..but just that we would be having tough competitors in the name of the girls as they are well known for working hard... we were totally cool.. everyone went to sleep and that day was the only day that every one of us had a SHOWER .... that early in the morning.. We were sort of given a van , which would hardly fit half of us alone.. but we some how did not come in our way of going to a "well competitive" campus. we some how packed in all our luggage and all of us in and bid a good bye to our campus , remembered our friends there and thought ..... " You guys rot in this campus .. we are going to heaven..."

What all happened after that was very interesting for the most part of it.. one and half years in that campus with all of our friends.. some did not like me .. some did.. some I did not like.. some I did.. but every one of them are memorable.. will pen down some interesting situations that took place in that phase of my life in my next blogs.. this blog is already is long .. and i am sure most of you would have been fell asleep..


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