Friday, February 19, 2010

Life Lessons on the go !!

It was little late for me to realise few behaviour patterns which were traditionally idealised by the people in the society are no longer being given their "Traditional Importance" in the modern today.
I tend to double qualify "present tense" with modern today in my previous sentence in my attempt to over qualify society very modern.

First in my list is being nice to everyone. A look in to the society few years back, the quality of 'being nice to people' and 'showing due interest in what the elders/children/equals say' is a #1 sign of an individual well respected in the society. As time flew.. these traits have been losing their stature in the society and are substituted with what I call 'Being a Jerk' and 'Being totally uninterested in other's work expect his own' behaviour. I do not really know why these have been a hit in the modern society but yes.. they are quite famous. So, Be a jerk .. at lease some times.. Don't ever be so modest and thats the worst way to be ... If you have something to say , then SAY it.. whatever it might be.. Don't ever be lessen your self in front of anyone..I have been realising this off late.. may be I have had this experiences before... but i was not able to recognise these.. But in the corporate world that I am in, is feeding this right in to my brain;s medulla oblon..blah blah... Finally Be a JERK.. and in that.. a WISE JERK..

Second one is that.. you do not need to be mother hears_all and hear to whatever crap people say you.. It is quite natural that every person tries to become a Richard Fenyman and starts lecturing you the crappiest advices that they could give. They do not realise that people they are lecturing have had fucking twenty odd years up their ass and fairly seen this world by their own. I do not point out people who give advices .. But I direct my speech (yes, this too is a speech, and I dont realise that you guys have had xyz amount of years up your ass) to those who only give advices.. only advices alone for every thing they do. Come on guys, take a reality check.. Your speeches wants to be heard by NO FUCKING ONES that you are talking to.

Thridly, Many people I come across feels what he does is sent to him by the almighty as a sub process of saving this earth which in turn is a sub process of maintaning almighty his 'post' at the council of angels .. (whatever, I am sleepy)... While other's work as a piece of crap... I dont deny the fact that you are on a great mission of almighty dude.. but do not fucking look upon other works as worthless ones... Come on, grow up.. Before or Later .. you need to do that work too... and I could say only one thing to the guys of this kind.. "COME ON, FUCKING GROW UP ALREADY"...

I do not explicitly know why I am writing this post. .. But , yeah.. writing this and telling this out had given me a good feeling ..... and now Its already late .. and I need to get some sleep....

P.S. All the vocabulary used in this blog should not be treated as abuse...... nahhh.. its what you think... enjoy !!

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