Friday, February 28, 2014

Signs of discontent !!

The modern  Indian history ,arguably, starts with the 1st war of Independence driven by the disgruntled sepoys. The ways of British Government in handling the lower rung of sepoys is said to have triggered the outbreak. After that, the dynamics of colonial India started changing and culminating with Indian Independence. After the Independence, the partition has redrawn the Indian borders and developed a enmity between the 2 nations which continues to this day. Though taken birth at the same time and adopting Democracy on both the sides, clearly, the Indian side boasts of a coup-less power at the centre till today which may not be the same case on the other side. But, few incidents in the past year have made me doubt this opinion, though only driven by the news paper reports.

Few months back, there was a column in a national news daily that 2 "un-authorized" defence troop movements towards the national capital have been observed and this sighting occurred just a day before the crucial day of hearing on a army major's case have not helped to mute the rumors of a planned coup. Though, the news report has been condemned by both the parties, recent revelations by a highly placed defence officer have brought back the doubts that were earlier put to rest. Clearly, there seems to be a mis-communication between the Government and the forces which was also evident in the first-ever accepted resignation of the Navy admiral. The track record of maintaining India as a democracy is impressive leaving few glitches and being the largest democracy of the world, India should do well to maintain a healthy relationship between it's different wings that together keep India flying through storms and peace.

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