Monday, January 20, 2014

Change ??

Why are we so conflicted internally? Yes, we are.. From the smallest of things to the most valuable things, we display a behavior that can only be termed "Confused" at best. It is true that India is going through a stage in it's development that could be termed as it's last mile to the zenith. It has all the resources to reach there , only that we are not ready to accept this change if it deviates from a well-trodden path of the past. If you do not believe me , look at the ubiquitous social media , which till last month or so have  been praising the AAP of it's innovative methods and today there are more than 50% of those speaking against it's effusive ways to bring governance. I am not implying even a bit that "Vigilantism" is the right way to go , but I just want to give an example of how conflicted we could be. If a change has to be witnessed , it would mandate that few of the established ways be amended  and at times, may be go over board. How else would the established maladies be rooted out ?

There are many young Indians who think it takes a miracle to change the political discourse of India , I personally feel that there have to be innovation in the methods a political party follows in it's operations , right from campaigning to funding itself.  There are some honest political parties in India before but they stopped at that , they have accepted the same old methods to operate and they were much or less failed to impress. There were some parties which started with a grand vision and also have attempted to attract the people to it's innovative methods but failed , only because India was not ready at that time. Today , there is an attempt to rebuild the political foundation of the nation. What is expected is a little patience, We have tried everything , we have chosen the right, the left , the conservative, why not this one ?

The acts of vigilantism that was reported were under the scanner for the right reasons. Being a honorable Minister, the way chosen by him was questionable while the intention was probably noble. In all, it has it's positives and negatives. But why are we judging so quickly? Give them a benefit of doubt , not once, not twice , may be 100 times?? I don't know. Change is inevitable. The setback in the recent 5-state elections have probably changed the way the Govt. responds both internally and externally. Branded to be a "Soft-state" , it was a humongous change on the part of India to react in the way it has reacted on the issue of it's diplomat's ill-treatment. The scion has also have changed his ways of approaching the people. As one of the newspaper reports there were no escape velocities or shanty beards in the approximately 1-hour speech. So, a change is definitely on the cards. But are we ready yet ?? We better be.

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