Friday, June 20, 2008


Today I was reading TOI and I saw this beautiful heading saying.." There's nothing in a name unless your a missile". May be this drove me to write this blog today. I will tell you what .. There is lot in the name...

Start with my name .. Muralidhar .. One who wears a Murali(Flute). It means "Lord Krishna" who according to me is the biggest business brain ever. He is not only popular for his strategies but also for his Romance. Here I am.. with his name and I dont know about the strategies part but its very evident by now for me that I am very good at one of the areas in which Krishna has excelled. [;)]

There is a reason that I named my blogs as Shades of Life Revealed. There will be no person known, who dont have a multiple personality Syndrome. If one personality is operating a man , all the others would be his shadows waiting for their turn to come. I want to know more about these personalities of me throught these blogs. There's the reason I put the name SoLR for this Blog series.

Some of the names I came across a website and Found them Funny..

1.M.T.Head --> H.O.D in a University (Seems Only M.T's make their way up to HOD's)
2.David Sparks, is partners with Rich Burns and they sell fire insurance.(They shud have had a One hell of a business)
There is a Dr.CockBurn ,a urologist . (No Comments Please !!).
Someone else sent me this: "My aunt's name is Debra May Page and she married Patrick Dye, so now she is called Debra May Dye!! Lol!!"

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So .... Whats with the name Guys ?? ...........They do matter , dont they ??

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